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土佐和史 写真集

3,500円+税 | 210×290mm | 85ページ | 掲載作品56点 | カラー

Published by BUFFALO PRESS / 2018.7.25

Artist Statement


虚飾のない写真の素直な本質がここに或る。SUNLIGHT MEMORIESにおいて繊細で眩い光を捉えて見せた著者の第二作品集。


─ 北関東は負い目を感じている。それがたまらなく艶っぽく美しいのだ。 / 大都会に対する引け目や劣等感を持ちながらも不器用に密やかに自己表現する、その姿からは優しさやエロスが匂う。そんな北関東が好きだ。 / 広い閑散とした国道を走るとき、錆びれた場末の色街を歩くとき、私はいつもそこに情景を見る。 / 北関東。私は愛を込めて、差別して、そう呼ぶ。─ 土佐和史ステートメントより

土佐和史 写真集

3,500円+税 | 210×290mm | 68ページ | カラー
上製本 | 限定103部

Photographs by Kazufumi Tosa

3,500JPY+ tax | 210×290mm | 68page | Colour
Hardcover | Limited 103 copies

Published by CITYRAT press / 2017 / Sold Out

Artist Statement


学校帰りの草の匂い、夕焼けになっていく部屋、祖母の手の感触。 温かくて切ないものが、からだを包み込む。 

Looking back, I had longed for a region since I was in Osaka that I was born and grew up.
It was from the time not to yet come across a photograph that I felt it.
Whenever I had a time, I visited a port town and mountain village without aim.
I felt my journey by putting myself in non daily life and also I was looking for paradise just for me.

“A thing most necessary for a photograph, it is light”
My photograph life started by the words of my beloved teacher.
Since then, I faced seriously people and landscape with my camera.
After I went to Tokyo, not here, my wish to the place that I regain humanness became stronger and stronger.
Apart from busy daily life, there was the place that totally different time goes by when I stretched out a foot only a little.

I might trace back my past memory than new encounter and discovery when I went to a region.
Smell of the grass on my way home from school, a room tinted with sunset and the touch of the grandmother's hand.
A warm, bittersweet and longing thing wrapped around my body.
So, that dazzling memory of those days might make me what I am.